NAME: Boris A. Dolingo

DATE OF BIRTH: 3 December, and concerning the year... May I wouldn't indicate it? I'm shivering inside myself, thinking about it...

PLACE OF BIRTH: the town of Kokand, Uzbekistan.


USED TO LIVE IN: Kokand, Uzbekistan; Ashkhabad, Turkmenia; now for a long time live in Yekaterinburg (fortunately Russia).

MARTIAL STATUS: Married. For rather long time. In general not bad. But would you show me a man satisfied with his marriage.

CHILDREN: Nice son of 16 y.o. Very possibly will become a designer. In any case, he creates works better than some members of the Union of Designers of Russia.

EDUCATION: 1) Secondary school, just ordinary one; 2) Higher, physicist; 3) conditionally-higher Public University of Press (journalism).

FOREIGN LANGUAGES: English ("fluently", after having drunk then absolutely fluntly), Ukrainian (at the level of "zdorovenki buly", "ghorilka" "pyvo", etc.)$ Turkmenian ("sagat niatche?), German ("Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"), French (Qui est cette dame?")

PROFESSION: former physicist, former businessman, at present part-time writer. All this I try to share with being in this world - to my pleasure.

ZODIAC: Sag it ari us Oops! What I' writing! Simply "Sagitarius"

RELIGION: Orthodox atheist without inclination to fanaticism. Hate fanatics.

APPEARANCE: ordinary. For she-lovers (on no account for he-lovers!)

ORIENTATION: accurate. I accept the blue color only in the sky, at the Russian banner and on jeans.

NATURE: very cheerful in mornings. Slightly worse to night have tendency to go to bed, but if to poor within reasonable limits, then I get alive and start to chat a lot, and sometimes to act.

SENSE OF HUMOR: limited (by the limits of allowed propriety and conceptions).

FAVOURITE DRINKS: tequila at the Sunrise, vodka at the Sunset. In general that one with good snack and degree. Among non-alcoholic orange and tomato juices.

BAD HABITS: Well, I have no ones. They are all good for me, if do no harm to other people!

OTHER HABITS: To shave in the morning, to have breakfast, to try to look at myself from aside, not to do harm to people consciously.

HOBBIES: Parties and drinking-bouts with friends in the mean-times between working and writing. Sometimes I watch TV news programs, football/hockey matches, certain shows, some scientific programs. Hm, what else? Oh, really sometimes I READ books, by the way!

LITERATURE ACTIVITY: There's been a word at the beginning. Verbal one I used to love to chat. Later, unwittingly began to set out in writing what had been spoke (for the first time in 1978). Although, I've never fought with windmills in the person of KGB it's been boring: I've understood, that if they like, then they would fuck me, but I can't do the same in return. Later began to write (science)-fictions had slight hope censorship wouldn't understand. Later the censorship disappeared. The first short-story had been published in the anthology by the materials of "Aelitha" (the sc-fi festival in Yekaterinburg) in 1990. With the alternative passion began to write novels. One have finished in 1999, and in 2000 it's been published at the publishing-house "Alpha-Kniga" as a dilogy titled "The Wanderer" ("The World of Terp" & "The Round Facets of the Earth"). After that this respected publisher, which loves the genre of "fantasy" too much (don't know why) have declined my third novel, and I've been forced to pass it to the not less (if not more) loved AST-publisher. They accepted it and the book had bee released in January, 2002 (for what I feel even more great respect to AST). Hope for further cooperation with this publishing-house #1 in Russia.

DIFFERENT LITERATURE ACTIVITY: There are some verses at the sites and

THE MOST FAVORITE WRITERS: H.G.Wales, J.Golsuorsy, N.Gogol, A.Kuprin, brothers Strugatsky, S.Snegov, A.Kazantsev, D.Bilenkin, P.Farmer, H.Harrison, F.Karsak, R.Shekly, S.Lem, C.Simak, J.Windham. These are people who have created the works, which I've read over again many times.

OTHER FAVORITE WRITERS: You can run across one wonderful book almost among any author. But not among everyone

THE MOST FAVORITE MODERN RUSSIAN WRITERS: Shame on me, but I haven't read all of them modern Russian writers. Among those, whom I've read, I'm attracted, no doubt, by Kir Bulitchiov, Vladislav Krapivin, Sergey Lukianenko, Vladimir Vasiliev. Can't say I love everything written by these authors, but these ones are the best to my mind in general (don't know about your taste). I think there will appear more brilliant writers.

CREATIVE PLANS: Modest - to write and to have written more J. And to be published, and what is more to be read. In this case somebody would possibly mention me, although in the paragraph "Other favorite writers". And, possibly, even in "modern ones".

SURE OF: I'm sure that good-natured people exist everywhere (even in this crazy - to put it mildly - world) so let's try to be interesting (and useful) to each other: together we can make the world to be slightly better. At least... we could try. :-)

WHAT I EXPECT FROM THE NET: I'd like to meet interesting people here, with whom it would be interesting to communicate and to share thoughts, feelings and ideas. My ICQ # 50062954

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