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William Clod Feelds
"Lucky is the person, who manages to leave this world alive"
Kazimezh Slominsky
"It is necessary to live longer. And more often!"
W.Somerset Maugham
"The Norm is that, what can be met only occasionally."
"If you do not know how to act, act decently then."
Germes Trismegist
"The man is a mortal god."
Vladislav Gzhestchik
"The fate of the mankind is in hands of the man. That's in what the horror is!"
John Acton
"The power spoils, the absolute power spoils absolutely."
Gabrielle Laub
"Any Power origins from people. And never returns to them."
Stanislav Ezhy Lets
"Many people would have reconcile themselves to the Fate, but the Fate also has something to say."
Immanuil Kant
"The Ethics is the Philosophy of the good will, and not only of the good action."
Alias Kanetty
"That one is free, who has no desires. But is it worth to be free then?"
Carol Izhykovsky
"The Fate grants us the desired things, when we have learned to exist without them."
Kozma Prutkov
"Know, the reader, that the wizdom reduces complaints, but not sufferings."
Anatolyi Zlobin
"You are complaining, therefore, you aren't right."
Rita May Brown
"The Intuition is the cocession, which the Logic makes to the impatience."
Karl Krauss
"Women's rights" are responsibilities of men."
Val Devyaty
"The motto of the emansipation: a housewife to every woman."
Coco Chanel
"I don't know why women demand all that, what men have. Women, between other things, have men, you know."
Nancy Astor
"What can be worse, than the world which is ruled by men? Possibly only the world ruled by women."
Nicola Shamphor
"How badly men wouldn't have thought about women, any woman thinks more badly about men."
Yuzef Bulatovitch
"Troubles divides in significant, that is our own ones, and insignificant, that is somebody's else."
Margaret Thatcher
"90 percents of our anxieties concern that what will never happen."
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