***** LIKES & DISLIKES *****


1. Literature (but for from every type of it)
2. Shashlik (cooked in the proper way)
3. Music (which seems nice to me: the Beatles and Vysotskyi, Pink Floyd and the Time Machine, Queen and Shevtchuk, and many others, even some of the latest one)
4. Red wine (not necessarily an expensive, but a good one - it happens to be so!) I also like beer, and gin, and vodka, but obligatory in a good company!!!
5. A good company: clever men and charming women (and if they - women I mean - are in addition also clever, then I simply adore this company!)
6. To travel (unfortunately, I manage to do it very seldom)
7. Smells of roses, sea and fresh apples
8. Many other things: let's discuss just it ;-)


1. Сволочей и подонков (во всех проявлениях) // Dirty scums and bastards (in any displys)
2. Людей, не признающихся в своих ошибках // People who do not admit their mistakes
3. Пенку от молока // Milk skin
4. Запах выхлопных газов и немытых тел // Smells of exhausted gases and unwashed bodies
5. Плохую водку // Bad quality vodka
6. Тех, кто лезет в политику (ей, вроде бы нужно заниматься, но разве там удержится кто-то порядочный?) // Those who worms into politics (it seems it's necessary to deal with politics, but will anybody decent stay there for too long?)
7. Когда не смотрят в глаза // When people do not look into your eyes
8. Многое ещё чего: давайте это тоже обсудим ;-)) // Many other things: let's also discuss it :-)

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