MY SONG-TEXTS AND POETRY (since 1974 up to now)

Here you can find my song-texts. They are in English, as you may notice :-). I'd like to hear your comments on them, if you please

I'LL NEVER COME BACK (19-20 February 1977)

You'll come back and find nothing in my heart -
I'll never come back.
Maybe then you'll feel it's hard,
But I'll never come back.

I've taken love out from my heart -
Do you think it's too hard stack?
You should have known it from the start
That I'll never come back.

Girl, I'll never come back,
So I set you free
And I'll find another love
Will be good for me,
Will be good for me.

I'll go where I am to go,
And my soul won't be dark.
You've mistaken - you must know,
And I'll never come back.




Our tired eyes wait for nights,
Let us close them tight and try to hide
From all those things we ever see -
There's only You and only Me.

I gonna hold you around for love. - 2 times
I gonna hold you around for love.

I'd like to tell you things I have in my mind,
It's all I feel for all these times,
And the only things I wanna feel:
I gonna hold your love around me!


And for all the moments of the time,
And for every minute of my life
There's the only thing I gonna have:



I F (29 February 2000)

If you want to touch my hand
Just say a word to me
All about this love,
All about the truth
We both here want to hear.

If you want to hear words
I'd like to say to you
Just feel my mind,
Just hear my soul
I wish you ever knew

If I believe you,
If you are believing me,
Then we don't need
Anything else
Besides to know this world is real.
If you love me,
And if I love you too,
Just look into my eyes,
Hold my hand
And simply say "I want you" -
Nothing else will do!

If you want to know me at all,
Nothing I have to hide
Just read the story
Written in the pupils
Of my foolish Russian eyes

Rf. .

If you want to know the term
How long it could last?
What I can say?
You know it all right
The future flows into the past.



GRAY DAYS (30 December 1977)

These gray days may last so long.
I see in your eyes - you feel the same.
It can mean no right or wrong,
But now it's simply gray day.

In gay days there're no shadows.
Don't think about they could say.
It doesn't mean no kind of shame -
Touch with your lips my hot face.

All the gray days can not make me crying,
If you give your love to me.
If we will wait for the sunny days
We may lose all our time.

If you'd like to know what I think,
I'll tell you I have not doubt:
If there's a gray day on the Earth,
But there's the Sun beyond gray clouds.



I'M SO LONELY (January 2000)

I'm so lonely.
Tears have faded away.
It's so lonely
That it's only just a slight pain,
So I say

I was in love,
But I ain't now.
The only trouble
Is the heart of marble
Not so easy to have
To need no love!

All days long we sing songs
For loving.
It's too late to wait for our love's
We've had no time, we've had no minds
To do.
Ain't that surprise -
For you?

We're so lonely,
Could we find the way?
We've lost out time,
We've spoilt our minds in the early days.
So I say




Houses of Parliament in the English rain
Feel sad for the Glory
That won't back again.
Each way has it's own end,
But if one could know - when!
There's no dial to read the course:
One's wrong, one's right,
That's true, if course.

Red Square Authorities feel it too.
Though here the rain has over
Shadows are wet and blue.
One can't predict the ways
Of history's next days.
You feel the Time - your doubt grows.
But you can't see further than your nose!

Capitol Hill - just the same old things:
They talk about troubles
They've never seen.
Missiles wait in the mines,
Decisions wait on the minds.
Earth keeps it's way around the sun.
World's history is going on.


FAR AWAY (13 February 2000)

Moon is rising in the black sky
The sun is shining from the blue dome
Do all people in this world
Live their lives
Very often side by side
But always alone?

She's so far away from me in the space
She's so far away from me in the time
But I know it was the life
When I looked in her eyes
Held her tight
And she was mine.

Snow's reflecting this sunlight
Cool winds are blowing through my hair
Are the fragments of the dreams
Lying at my feet
Spread widely all around
Here and there?

My heart is melting in my hand
I ask this heart if it will see
Do I wanna do the same,
Live the same life
Or at least I can find
The answer for me?

I'm so far away from her in the life
She's so far away in the life from me
So I stand on the edge
Look into the deep
And ask myself old questions
About "to be".


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